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Lemlem Kitchen

Modern African ~ Eritrean Cuisine.

We started out at Netil Market in Hackney, back in early 2015 becoming part of London’s flourishing street food scene. Our aim was to make Eritrean food with a London accent, so instead of presenting our food traditionally, we used classic Eritrean flavours to make street food staples like tacos, hot wings, and fries. Our afro-tacos became our signature.

We left Netil Market in June 2019, going on to run a pop-up restaurant 3 nights a week.  We called the pop-up ‘Taqueria Africana’, an imagined afro-futurist cafe that took the energy of Mexican cuisine but made the flavours African, Eritrean in fact.  There we were able to offer a longer menu alongside some of the market favourites. 

‘Taqueria Africana’ came to an end in December 2019.  Now, since October 2021, after a longer than expected (pandemic) break, we are hosting a series of occasional supper clubs, every 4-6 weeks which can be booked here on this website.  We look forward to you joining us at one soon.

ገልጠምጠም geltemtem

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